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Big Data Project Titles

Project Code Project Title
BD2016001 Kvasir: Scalable Provision of Semantically Relevant Web Content on Big Data Framework
BD2015001 i2MapReduce: Incremental MapReduce for Mining Evolving Big Data
BD2016002 AlgorithmSeer: A System for Extracting and Searching for Algorithms in Scholarly Big Data
BD2016003 Can Scientific Impact Be Predicted?
BD2016004 GPU-Accelerated Large-scale Distributed Sorting Coping with Device Memory Capacity
BD2016005 Partial Copy Detection in Videos: A Benchmark and An Evaluation of Popular Methods
BD2016006 Personalized Travel Sequence Recommendation on Multi-Source Big Social Media
BD2016007 USTF: A Unified System of Team Formation
BD2016008 Visual Exploration of Changes in Passenger Flows and Tweets on Mega-City Metro Network