Latest 2017 cloud computing Projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
CldCmp201001 Automatic Memory Control of Multiple Virtual Machines on a Consolidated Server
CldCmp2017002 Energy-aware Load Balancing and Application Scaling for the Cloud Eco System
CldCmp2017003 Fast, Ad Hoc Query Evaluations over Multidimensional Geospatial Datasets
CldCmp2017004 HFSP Bringing Size-Based Scheduling To Hadoop
CldCmp2017005 Joint Pricing and Capacity Planning in the IaaS Cloud Market
CldCmp2017006 kBF Towards Approximate and Bloom Filter based Key-Value Storage for Cloud Computing Systems
CldCmp2017007 Mathematical Programming Approach for Revenue Maximization in Cloud Federations
CldCmp2017008 Orchestrating Bulk Data Transfers across Geo-Distributed Datacenters
CldCmp2017009 TEES An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud